Unicorn Currencies Commits to Donating £1 to Charity on Every Transaction

Unicorn Currencies Commits to Donating £1 to Charity on Every Transaction

London, United Kingdom February 28, 2023 – Unicorn Currencies, the international payments company, has announced a new commitment to donate £1 to charity for every transaction made on their services. This move is part of the company’s commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.

With this initiative, Unicorn Currencies aims to encourage its customers to participate in charitable giving while using its services. For every transaction made on their services, the company will donate £1 to a charity of the customer’s choice. As part of our commitment to giving back to society, we will be conducting a poll on our social media handles between 1 and 10 of every month.

During this time, we invite our customers to share the name of their preferred charity in the comments section. At the end of the poll, we will select the charity with the highest number of comments and donate the total amount raised to them.

“We are excited to launch this initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to the community,” said Nazia M Thakur, Director of Unicorn Currencies. “We believe that small actions can have a big impact, and we are proud to be able to make a difference through our services.”

Unicorn Currencies is a rapidly growing international business payments provider company that has made a name for itself in the industry for its competitive rates and exceptional customer service. The company is committed to making money transfers more accessible and affordable for its customers while supporting the community through charitable giving.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to support a cause they care about while using our services,” said Nazia. “We believe that by partnering with charities, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.”

Unicorn Currencies is encouraging its customers to spread the word about this initiative to their family and friends, to help raise awareness and increase charitable giving across the globe.

For more information about Unicorn Currencies and its charitable giving initiative, please contact us at the below-given details.

Unicorn Currencies
Silverstream House, Fitzroy St,
London W1T 6EB, United Kingdom
Email us: info@unicorncurrencies.com
Call us: +44 20 3290 8418

Head Office

Silverstream House, Fitzroy St,
London W1T 6EB
Ph: +44 020 8064 0818
Ph: +44 020 3290 8418

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