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Stop searching for the best foreign exchange rates provider for international payments, Unicorn Currencies will do that for you. Enjoy our personalised and competitive foreign exchange rates with 24×7 elite customer support.

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Make International Payments at Competitive Exchange Rates

At Unicorn Currencies, we offer you 360-degree international payment solutions with
customised and personalised customer support.

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Personal Payments

International payments for personal purposes

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International payments for business reasons

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Send and receive payments from worldwide

Why Choose Unicorn Currencies for International Payment Services?

Unicorn Currencies is committed to fast and secured international transfers. We offer customised and competitive exchange rates with 24/7 elite customer support and a user-friendly platform for hassle-free international payment. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing personalised service and ensuring your satisfaction. Trust us to handle all your international payment needs with ease.

  • FCA Regulated Partners
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Send Payments to 7 Continents

With our international payment service, you can send money to all 7 continents. Experience the convenience of sending money to the world.







Transfer Money to 195+ Countries

Whether it’s for business, personal, education or emergency support, our service makes it simple and secure to transfer payments to anyone, anywhere in the world with 24×7 customer support.

Still Have Questions Regarding International Payments?

Our dedicated team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you.

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+44 020 3290 8418

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer some of your questions

You can make international payments by the following means:
1. Bank Transfer 2. Cash 3. Money Order 4. Credit Card

International payments transfer duration depends on two major factors,

1. Currency, you want to send.
2. The country you want to send.

Different Currencies have different delivery times, for example, USD, GBP, and EUR are mainly same-day delivery but sending USD to Asian countries from the UK would take longer than sending USD to the USA.

Usually, if you are using an international payment provider then the speed is better in comparison to most banks.

You can make international payments by the following ways:

1. Bank Transfer 2. Cash 3. Money Order 4. Credit Card

The best way of making international payments is Bank Transfer – Transferring money from your account to the beneficiary bank account to make it cost-effective and speedy you can choose international payment providers.

To make international Payments you need to have the following information:

1. IBAN 2. SWIFT CODE 3. Beneficiary Name 4. Bank Name 5. Bank Address

This will help you to make transactions across the globe via the SWIFT payment network, which is considered the fastest, most secured and used by most of the International Payments Providers and Banks.

Yes, you get charged for international payments, most importantly
is to check “How much you get charged for an international payments”.

Charges on International Payments depend on the providers,
for now, there are 2 major providers:

2. International Payment Provider Companies

Banks: They mainly charge transaction fees and Mark-up over
the market price that depends on your amount and relation with the BANK.

Intranational Payment Provider: most of them avoid charging transaction
fees and try to make money on the mark-up over the market price, the price depends on
your negotiation skills.

Mark-Up on FX Rate: Rates that you see on BBC is the market Live RATE is not available to retailers, but international payment provider has access to that rate and they try to make living by charging you over and above the live market rate you will not have access to it.

No Limit on International Payments, you have a reason for the payments, you have funds for the payments and you have all the proof of the payment related queries – You can make payments unlimited times and unlimited amounts.

If you are making payments via an International Payment Provider company then you have multiple ways of tracking the payments below mentioned are a few:

1. International Payment Providers Online Portal
2. Request info via email
3. Call your provider

As most International Payments are done via SWIFT hence it is a trackable process and the safest mode of making payments.

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